Develop your more authentic, compelling, and powerful voice.

A Ten Week Online Deep Dive September 15 - Nov 17 /Live zoom classes: Tuesdays 7 - 8:30pm ET/ an online course portal FULL of supplementary learning materials/ and a 1-1 private voice coaching with Christine.


Do you feel like you don’t have enough breath to get your thoughts out, or that your voice comes out weakly? Does the sound of your voice reflect your thoughts and feelings accurately, or does it somehow not ‘sound like you’? Do you feel like the habitual tensions acquired through every day living muffle and block your voice? Join the Freeing Your Voice class to learn how your voice works, and how to use it - powerfully, effectively and truthfully. You’ll learn how to free your breathing, so you have the breath you need to support whatever you need to say, develop stronger connection to your voice, so it feels 100% like ‘yours’, and to develop your more authentic, compelling, and powerful voice.

“To free the voice is to free the person.” 

Kristin Linklater

Guiding Principles of Voice Work

Inspired primarily by Freeing the Natural Voice, by Kristin Linklater

  • "Everyone possesses a voice capable of expressing, through a 2-4 octave natural pitch range, whatever gamut of emotion, complexity of mood, and subtlety of thought they experience."

  • The tensions, defences, and inhibitions acquired by living in this world can diminish the efficiency of the natural voice.

  • It can (and should) feel effortless to let your voice out.

  • A voice that shares your inner life is automatically more rich and interesting than one that is disconnected or artificial

  • The natural voice is transparent...the person is heard, not the person's voice.

In this deep dive you will:

  • 1. Learn the importance of relaxation and release in freeing your natural voice

  • 2. Develop resonance using your entire body for a more powerful voice

  • 3. Relieve tension in your throat, jaw, and tongue so that your authentic voice can come out

  • 4. Practice speaking on your free-er, more open voice in front of the group

  • 5. Receive feedback and coaching specific to your voice

This course will be especially beneficial if you:

  • Want to confidently love the sound of your voice

  • Work as an actor or in a creative field that requires you to speak compellingly

  • Value authenticity in your personal expression

  • Are uncomfortable with the way your voice sounds AND believe it doesn't have to be that way!

  • Frequently run out of breath, lose your voice, or sound shaky when speaking in public

  • Struggle to be heard

  • Believe your voice can be a tool to create deeper relationships 

  • Are familiar with Linklater voice work and want to deepen your practice

  • Are new to voice work, and are willing to jump in.

The course may not be for you if you:

“Your voice is a bridge between inside and outside”
Kristin Linklater

How It Works

  • Register here. Everything course related, including your links for the live zoom sessions, will be housed on Thinkific.

  • Starting September 15th, we’ll meet at on Tuesdays from 7pm - 8:30pm (with a break ½ way through)

  • As a group, we’ll go through the first half of the Linklater Voice Progression, from How The Voice Works, breathing, and humming, all the way to loosening the jaw, tongue, and strengthening soft palate so that your voice can come free.

  • Midway through the program, each participant will receive a 1 hour one-on-one coaching session with Christine to work specifically on your vocal needs

What Else You’ll Get

  • A downloadable PDF workbook for you to complete and keep

  • Masterclass style spotlight coaching with the group (optional)

  • Access to video warm ups, recommended reading lists, pdf worksheets and more, through to the end of 2020.

  • Join the private Let Your Voice Shine Facebook group for Voice Tips and live Q & A’s every week

  • Loads of phone and email support to ensure you are successful in meeting your goals and fall in love with your voice!

This online series is foundational work that you can revisit again and again


Christine Berg

Christine Berg is the Founder of SHINE Creative Coaching. She is a voice, presentation & dialect coach with over 15 years of experience helping actors and executives take their communication skills to the next level through developing engaging presentations, developing a more impactful presence, and fully embracing leadership opportunities. She regularly coaches groups and individuals in the c-suite and boardroom, as well as in the theatre and studio. Christine’s work on presentation coaching is wide ranging - from large scale keynotes, to conference presentations, pitches for new business, board and investor presentations, and motivational & inspirational true story talks. In 2018 she served as an Expert Advisor to the ACSE (Active Citizens Social Enterprise) Programme run by the United Nations Association (Canada). . In the artistic realm, many of her actors and students have appeared on stage and on screen in shows such as Reign, Saving Hope, Grey’s Anatomy, The Book of Mormon (Mirvish), Kinky Boots (Mirvish), Spoon River (Soulpepper), Hamlet (CanStage) and the Stratford and Shaw Festivals. She is currently coaching for a forthcoming CBC Television production, as well as on-air personalities for TSN and TSC, and is a regular coach for Disney Cruise Lines. Christine was on the Theatre Performance faculty at Humber College for 6 years. While at Humber she taught on all 3 years of the program, and coached on a wide range of department productions. She holds a BFA in Acting (UBC) an MA in Voice and Speech (University of London). She is one of only 5 voice coaches in Canada to hold a post-graduate Linklater Voice Designation. There is not such thing as a perfect voice. Christine believes that truth is more beautiful than perfection, and that sharing our hearts and minds through our voices (in the boardroom and in life), is a powerful and revolutionary act.

There is value in doing this as a group - being heard, and holding space for others' voices.

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