Learn the vocal techniques of professional actors so you can speak with depth and impact - without pushing or vocal fatigue

I'm going to show you how you can shift from feeling like your voice is blocked, weak, monotone or under confident; to knowing exactly what to do to start strengthening and developing the areas of your voice that needs work, while to loving and appreciating the voice you have.

Before I tell you about this life changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

I hear daily from people who want to strengthen and develop their voices. Often, these folks are actors, or creatives at heart, and this comes from a desire to stretch into the fullness of their artistry and personal expression. And other times, those that reach out are struggling to connect with their voice. They don’t like the way they sound, or they’ve been criticized in the past for sounding too rushed, too nasal, or a myriad of other qualities they’ve been told are imperfect.


  • an actor who needs your voice to fully communicate the variety and depth of your emotions and imagination
  • an embodied practitioner who's familiar with Linklater voice work and wants to deepen your practice - or possibly even train as a Designated Linklater Teacher

  • a professor or other professional voice user who's struggling with the sound or function or your voice. You might frequently lose your voice, get a scratchy throat, or suffer from vocal fatigue. Or perhaps you just don't trust your voice to be there for you when you need it

  • on a personal development journey, and know expanding what parts of yourself you can give expression to is part of that

If you’re looking to stretch to new heights or shake off your vocal demons -

You're in the right place.

By the end of this course you will have:

a rock solid connection to your authentic voice, and the ability to use it - despite your nerves - when it counts the most

  • Deepened your body/breath/voice connection

  • Identified the specific vocal channel tensions that block your voice

  • Released those tensions through exercises and strategies and felt a whole new sense of EASE

  • Learned how to amplify your voice using the natural resonators in your body, so you can get volume when you need it

  • Released tension in your jaw and tongue, and strengthened your soft palate - so that you can blend your vocal resonators for a pleasing, rich sound

  • Up-leveled your vocal skills and your courage by speaking on your free-er, more open voice in front of the group

  • Received weekly feedback and coaching specific to your voice, so you never have to wonder where to go next

Guiding Principles of Voice Work

Inspired primarily by Freeing the Natural Voice, by Kristin Linklater

  • "Everyone possesses a voice capable of expressing, through a 2-4 octave natural pitch range, whatever gamut of emotion, complexity of mood, and subtlety of thought they experience."

  • The tensions, defences, and inhibitions acquired by living in this world can diminish the efficiency of the natural voice.

  • It can (and should) feel effortless to let your voice out.

  • A voice that shares your inner life is automatically more rich and interesting than one that is disconnected or artificial

  • The natural voice is transparent...the person is heard, not the person's voice.

Love Letters

5 star rating

Fabulous Course!

Kathryn Sussman

Christine's course opened me up to an entirely new way of thinking about my voice, and the power and freedom that I have as an individual to change pre-conce...

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Christine's course opened me up to an entirely new way of thinking about my voice, and the power and freedom that I have as an individual to change pre-conceived notions I have about my self and my abilities vocally. Over the weeks, for the first time in my life, I learned to appreciate and even genuinely like my voice! I also learned how to speak within a larger register that more accurately reflects the person I am at this more mature stage in my life. Christine is a master of the material, a super one-on-one constantly supportive coach, and just a stellar person to hang with once a week. I would recommend this course to anyone: Just as effective for the everyday person not usually conscious of voice, as for the professional actor. Fabulous Course!

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5 star rating

Releasing tension to release my voice

Michel Justine Resendes

In moments of conflict or stress, my voice locked up, became choked and crackled and I had looked for a solution for a long time. This program created the mi...

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In moments of conflict or stress, my voice locked up, became choked and crackled and I had looked for a solution for a long time. This program created the mind body connection and the ability to FEEL my voice and improved my ability to heard with clarity and conviction. Christine is warm, engaging, and offers expertise in a fun and unintimidating environment. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to shake off any vocal demons.

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5 star rating

free your voice! release your tension! sign up today!

Darrin Butler

Christine is fantastic; informed and knowledgeable, informative and helpful, encouraging and enlightening. Taking this course made me realize more than ever...

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Christine is fantastic; informed and knowledgeable, informative and helpful, encouraging and enlightening. Taking this course made me realize more than ever how self-awareness is so important to our overall well being. While the initial idea for me was to work on my voice, I realized that Christine's coaching is as much about releasing all kinds of tension (which helps vocally) through numerous techniques and in all areas of life...inhale, exhale, and sign up today! Christine is an ideal coach, happily, eagerly, and professionally engaging with you every step of the way.

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5 star rating

Time well spent

Amanda Brunk

This course was a thoughtful and careful introduction to the Linklater progression that allowed us to take our time to connect, feel and explore the potentia...

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This course was a thoughtful and careful introduction to the Linklater progression that allowed us to take our time to connect, feel and explore the potential of our voices, while learning not only the exercises but the application of them into daily life and work. I highly recommend starting your Linklater journey with Christine in this Level 1 course, to start your voice on the journey to freedom!

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“To free the voice is to free the person.”

Kristin Linklater

Meet Your Instructors

Designated Linklater Voice Teacher

Christine Berg

Christine Berg is the Founder of SHINE Creative Coaching. She is a voice, presentation & dialect coach with over 15 years of experience helping actors and executives take their communication skills to the next level through developing engaging presentations, developing a more impactful presence, and fully embracing leadership opportunities. She regularly coaches groups and individuals in the c-suite and boardroom, as well as in the theatre and studio. Christine has coached and taught actors on stage and on screen in shows such as Reign, Saving Hope, Grey’s Anatomy, Crazy Rich Asians, Orphan Black, The Book of Mormon (Mirvish), Kinky Boots (Mirvish), Spoon River (Soulpepper), Hamlet (CanStage) and the Stratford and Shaw Festivals. She recently coached the lead actors for a forthcoming CBC Television production, as well as on-air personalities for TSN and TSC, and is a regular coach for Disney Cruise Lines. Christine was on the Theatre Performance faculty at Humber College for 6 years. While at Humber she taught on all 3 years of the program, and coached on a wide range of department productions. She holds a BFA in Acting (UBC) an MA in Voice and Speech (Central School of Speech and Drama). She is one of only 5 voice coaches in Canada to have trained directly with Kristin Linklater, and hold a post-graduate Linklater Voice Designation.

Teaching Assistant

Amanda Brunk

Amanda Brunk teaches Contemporary Voice at Wilfrid Laurier University, and is Artistic Director and Founder of The Singer’s Theatre. She’s an executive board member of the Ontario chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and is a published author for the NATS Journal of Singing. Her voice students have gone on to perform throughout Canada, on North American tours and in Broadway shows. As conductor of the Grand Philharmonic Youth Choir for eight years, Amanda led the choir to win competitions nationally and internationally, and to perform with grammy-winning recording artists and rock groups. Amanda is also the Founder and Artistic Director of The Singer's Theatre, a summer music theatre training program that attracts singers from across North America.

“Your voice is a bridge between inside and outside”

Kristin Linklater

It Wasn't Just About The Technique, It was About Bringing MY Voice Into The Room

Jordan Campbell, Actor

Working with Christine was an absolute pleasure! Her passion and dedication to voice work and to her students is remarkable. I always felt like she really cared about my journey as an artist.

It wasn't just about the technique, it was about how to bring MY voice into the room.

Christine is rigorous; she really knows what she's teaching and is able to push you to go deeper and deeper and deeper. I had a major breakthrough with Christine in my first year (of actor training) which I still remember; a moment when I really heard my voice come out for the first time. It was shocking and wonderful. It was a simple "tongue-out" exercise, but for whatever reason, everything fell into place in that moment. It was scary, but I heard something very different come out of me that day.

I think that moment was a testament to the intimate relationship I built with Christine, and also the beauty of gradual, integrated work.

Many Things To Be Grateful For

by Clara G.

I want to thank you for all your hard work and for continuing to help me to grow and succeed, even in the midst of so much change, anxiety and difficulty. I could have never accomplished half of the things I was able to do without your guidance and leadership.

You are truly a very gifted professional who continues to excel every day, and I am very grateful to benefit from your amazing gift and friendship.

Masterful Technical Understanding...And An Unyielding Passion for the Creative Process

Matthew Power, Actor

Christine was my vocal coach on an original, devised piece, which amalgamated Virgil's The Aeneid with West Moon by Al Pittman. I played a stilt walking Charon, ferryman of the River Styx, and merge a regional accent with the mythological being.

I remember this being one of the most difficult challenges for me as a performer, to find this character's voice. Christine worked 1-1 to help me through the process. I remember going back to the drawing board, after almost every rehearsal, to keep searching for the character, for the voice. And each time, Christine brought with her what she always brings: a masterful technical understanding of the vocal apparatus; a cascade of suggestions and ideas for finding new connections to my text; and most importantly, an unyielding passion for the creative process and risk-taking within the work.

We would work well into the evenings some nights, and by the end of our work we would both be physically and emotionally exhausted. But never did that stop Christine from challenging me to keep exploring, and to keep striving for better work.

Boosted My Confidence!

Ravi Dhanwani, Director of Analytics

Accessing my more authentic voice has boosted my confidence (surprisingly so) and I've observed that my interactions with people feel much more satisfying and complete. As a result, I've started to initiate and enjoy conversations with people, even talking to strangers (something I've never done before). It is pleasantly surprising how minor changes in my voice have made me significantly more extrovert. I think of sessions with Christine as a journey that had a profound and positive impact.

Christine is Amazing

Jennifer Thomson, Director

As a companion and support to your actors, Christine will enable them to give deep, soulful, authentic vocal expression to the imaginative and physical dimensions of their character work. If you want to fully develop the heart and soul that are the essence of your show, Christine is the woman you want by your side.



Do you feel like you don’t have enough breath to get your thoughts out, or that your voice comes out weakly? Does the sound of your voice reflect your thoughts and feelings accurately, or does it somehow not ‘sound like you’? Do you feel like the habitual tensions acquired through every day living muffle and block your voice? Join the Freeing Your Voice class to learn how your voice works, and how to use it - powerfully, effectively and truthfully. You’ll learn how to free your breathing, so you have the breath you need to support whatever you need to say, develop stronger connection to your voice, so it feels 100% like ‘yours’, and to develop your more authentic, compelling, and powerful voice.


A peek at what we'll cover in our sessions, and the material inside the course portal

  • 1

    Welcome - Self Study

    • Welcome Video!

    • A Letter From Me to You

    • On Practice

    • SURVEY: Establishing a Baseline

  • 2

    Setting the Stage

    • Love Your Voice Masterclass

  • 3

    Body & Breath

    • How-To Video_1: The Puppet

    • How-To Video_2: Dropping Down & Uncurling Up

    • Reading Assignment: How the Voice Works & Why it Doesn't Work

    • Weekly Voice Journal: Senses Walk

  • 4

    Breath, Vibrations, Humming

    • How-To Video_3: Pool, Waterfall, Fountain

    • For Your Listening Pleasure: A BBC Radio 4 Documentary

    • Weekly Voice Journal: Breath

    • Text Assignment: Hold Your Own

  • 5

    Freeing Vibrations

    • Freeing Vibrations 1

    • Freeing Vibrations Lips, Head, Body

    • Voice Journal: Vibrations

  • 6

    Floor Sequence

    • The Diagonal Stretch

    • Voice Journal: Floor Work

  • 7

    Integration Week

    • Survey: How're we doing so far?

    • Voice Journal: Integration Week

  • 8

    Freeing the Channel: Jaw

    • External Jaw Massage

    • Internal Jaw Massage

    • Voice Journal: Listening

    • Read This Aloud: The Fine Art of Sighing

  • 9

    Freeing the Channel: Tongue & Soft Palate

    • Floor Work & Tongue

    • Jaw and Tongue Loosening

    • Voice Journal: Taking Care

  • 10

    Resonators: Chest, Mouth, Teeth & Blending

    • Developing Chest Resonance

    • Voice Journal: Resonance

  • 11

    Exploring Words & Sharing Your Work

    • Voice Journal: What is your next task?

Skimmed it Summary

  • 12 weeks to transform your voice step-by-step

  • Weekly assignments that encourage you to go deeper - and my personal feedback on each one

  • Masterclass style spotlight coaching with the group (optional)

  • Recommended reading lists, pretty pdf worksheets and more to fill you up with inspiration, through to July 31st.

  • Loads of phone and email support as needed to ensure you're successful in meeting your goals and fall in love with your voice!

  • The confidence you feel KNOWING that you can use your voice in a way that is expressive, persuasive, interesting, heartfelt, courageous and spontaneous. In short, your voice can express all of you.

Juicy Bonuses

to Fuel Your Creativity & Your Momentum

  • Detailed Video Training

    A fully built out course portal with short technique videos that cover the exercises introduced each week, so you never have to wonder 'am I doing it right?' when you're practicing at home. Many long, flow-through sessions for more advanced students are included as well.

  • Motivating & Supportive Facebook Community

    A private facebook community just for this course with fellow students and your instructors will keep you motivated with daily voice prompts and challenges. This won't be a course you don't complete. We'll be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

  • BONUS WORKSHOP: Freeing Your Singing Voice

    Do you love to sing? Or maybe you want to explore something new? Amanda Brunk, Instructor of Contemporary Singing at Wilfred Laurier University, will lead a special workshop designed to integrate the Linklater work to open up your singing voice. Guaranteed to sound gorgeous and be a ton of fun, you won't want to miss this one. APRIL 17, 10:30 EST

There is value in doing this as a group

- being heard, and holding space for other people's voices.

Burning Q's from Past Participants

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    You can expect much more flexibility, and ease in your voice. It will sound richer, and you'll have much more choice re: what resonating area you choose to lean into. Your confidence and authenticity in speaking will be much greater, and you may find yourself more willing to call on your courage, and share your voice publicly.

  • When will I start to hear my voice strengthen?

    By week five you'll have a some strong technique going, and the work in that class will build up to some energetic and strong voice use. I expect you to start to hear yourself in a new way around this point.

  • How much time do I need to spend on this per week?

    Our live sessions will be 90 minutes each week. If you miss one, I'd highly recommend catching the replay as the work is cumulative. Outside the class, I recommend you spend a minimum of 1 additional hour, broken into 3 x 20 minute chunks.

  • Do I need any special equipment?

    Just things you likely already have. Comfortable clothing. Enough space to move around a bit, and lay down on the floor. A yoga mat or blanket to make it more comfortable. A laptop or desktop to tune in from (tablets and phones don't seem to work as well). A bit of privacy when your doing the class.

  • How do I know if I need voice work, or acting lessons?

    For me, this is a YES AND kind of question. However - if you find that you don'y know how to emotionally 'get there' in your work, and you feel like you're faking it, this work will help 100%. This is the work that allows you to explore the depth and breadth of yourself, so that you're able to pour it into your acting. This is the work you do so that you can do what your director or acting coach is asking of you.

  • I'm not an actor, will this still help me?

    YES!!! I've worked with so many non-actors over the years. From CFO's of huge corporations to creative design teams and strategists. This work is human work. It builds your ability to be in connection with yourself and other people at the same time. Truly, it'll transform your relationships, personally and professionally.

  • Will Christine be available to answer questions if I get stuck?

    The short answer to this is YES. I encourage you to ask questions in the FB group, where I'll be posting daily, in the live Q&A's which will happen every week in the FB group, AND over email and by phone.

  • What if I need to miss a class?

    Ideally, you'd come to all of them - but I know that life happens. Especially these days. The classes will be uploaded in the course portal after the fact, so you can view and do in your own time.

  • How big will the class be?

    It's capped at 12 - 14 people. To preserve the integrity of this work, there needs to be ample time for each person to be seen and heard, and to be coached in front of the group. I find it's best if the class size stays small.

How It Works

  • Register here. Everything course related, including your links for the live zoom sessions, will be housed on Thinkific. You'll get a thorough email with all the info and a welcome module as soon as you register

  • Starting Feb 23rd, we’ll meet at on Tuesdays from 7pm - 8:30pm

    (with a break ½ way through). Last class is May 4. No class on March 30th

  • As a group, we’ll go through the first half of the Linklater Voice Progression, from How The Voice Works, breathing, and humming, all the way to loosening the jaw, tongue, and strengthening soft palate so that your voice can come free. We'll channel all this into work on the resonators, and practice our personal expression by putting it onto words.

Christine is a warm, smart, open, enthusiastic woman who understands the subject matter and the psyches of those who want to train to be actors, and is very experienced in the demands of theatre.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 12 weeks

I truly believe that if I can help people to use their voices to come into deeper and more authentic communication with one another, then there will be less conflict and more understanding, there will be greater creative possibility in collaborations of all kinds, and that many people will experience much needed healing, a greater sense of community and a greater sense of self.

In short, I believe it can change the world.

Wishing you a deep down, true-blue, sigh of relief, Christine

This online series is foundational work that you can revisit again and again